Thanksgiving 2021

A Time of Grace

Happy Thanksgiving

As we count our blessings, you stand out. Your spiritual and/or financial support of our mission reminds us of God's providential care for each one of us and those we serve. It makes it possible for us to continue bringing the love of Mary and the strength of the faith to youth and families.

We give thanks

for the hundreds of individuals who have made their consecration to Mary

this year, here, in other states, and across the globe.

We give thanks

for our Mission in Mexico

which offers comfort and food to countless people living in poverty.

Each person helped represents a family positively impacted by your generosity.

We give thanks for so much that you have made possible.

This Thanksgiving you are in our prayers of petition and gratitude.


Rumela, Maria del Rosario, Julia, Julie, Jillian, Ann Marie, Anna, and Ada

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