Father Faccenda and Vocation

A Testimony

A Father Always Calls to Life! 

It is not an easy task to share how Father (Faccenda) has touched my life!

From his heart, I inherited the uncontrolled and contagious passion of his to lead every young person to live his life to the full and spur him to seek and realize his call by following the Lord in a special way of consecration or to find his life in creating a holy family. 

His love for young people began from his own love to follow the Lord, overcoming the many difficulties that his young vocation encountered from the beginning until it reached the simple radicality of Francis' life and love for Mary.

“Follow me” He always felt this call in his heart, from the time he was as a zealous young man, even if immediately poor health prevented him from following his dream to be missionary.

Mission He wanted to be in distant lands but he had to reach those distant lands in other ways:
with the passion of his heart infecting others to do go as if he were himself leaving,
his voice spoke through a magazine
his encouragement in warm tones through a letter or a postcard that arrived at the appropriate time
in every suffering offered in the celebration of Mass
in the blessing that every night before falling asleep he sent from his room to every missionary and volunteer in every part of the world with the infinite heart of a Father!

Called! I lived next to him in the years of my initial formation, and I really breathed in the Marian and missionary charism that continues to fascinate my life. I realize that this gift of living next to him was not only precious for me to be able to be myself, but also to be able to guard the life and vocation of others as he guarded his from every obstacle. He taught me to guard it with the righteousness and loyalty when she pointed out the beautiful things he saw in the other missionaries, look - learn the obedience of Amelia, the loyalty of Bruna, the grace of Anita, or the style of Giulia! 

When sharing dinner or reading a newspaper in the evening, he told of the beginning of his vocation. I could almost imagine the collapsed bell tower of the cathedral of Faenza (Italy) under the bombings where he took refuge the day after his ordination ... and he almost let me feel the anguish of his heart in his refuge together with other people in the area of the convent, still intact, that gave him the determination to start something new to rebuild man after the destruction of a physical, but above all interior, war.

I guarded my vocation with all my strength; both when I was sick and was precluded from studying; and when I was denied the way of mission in the most distant lands; both in the face of temptations, trials, and misunderstandings.

From here you can see where it all started! Here everything was born, all the passion for every man, all the graced and passionate love in speaking of Mary in communion with the journey of the Church and always going prophetically a little further than the times in which he was living! He had passionate love for every person, who could find true Life in the gift of the Mother. For this reason, he gave every strength and every part of himself until the last moment of his life to direct the heart of every young person to respond to the call to Life given to each one.

He reached out to young people he met in colleges, in schools, in the squares, in coffee shops on the street or in a conversation in the confessional to form their conscience and show them a boundless horizon where everyone has his own piece of salvation, and it is entrusted to them to bring salvation to the world!

"If you believe as Mary believed, if you love as Mary loved, if you are persevering as she was, then you too, a very fragile little flower, will be able to realize your vocation, that greatness of love for which the Father created you!"

-Tiziana Disabato
Fr. Kolbe Missionary, Italy



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