Social Center M. Kolbe - Brazil

Riacho Grande (San Bernardo do Campo) – Brazil

The objective is to contribute to the integral development of children, adolescents and young people aged 6 to 17 years who are in situations of vulnerability and social risk through social and educational activities.  Maximiliano Kolbe promotes growth and social inclusion and ccess to public services for the whole family through conferences and workshops. 
The activities that take place in the Center are as follow:
- CArt- stimulates the children in the creation and appreciation of works and artistic figures
- Space-: guides to interpretation, reflection and dialogue
- Games-: guarantees the children's right to play through guided games
- Literature- encourages spontaneous and dynamic reading 
- Kolbe-Cinema: gives access to several major films to stimulate the imagination and collaborate in the learning process of human values
- Sport:-  sports, cultural and recreational activities promote the knowledge and possibility of "healthy fun"
- Theatre and Dance-  increases awareness of the values of cooperation and respect as well as forms of expression and learning 
- Judo: uses the philosophy of judo to teach participants respect, discipline, and wellbeing 
- Computer Science- teaches children and adolescents computer language through a recreational method, thus facilitating the gradual and intentional insertion in the digital world
- Meetings with families: promotes social and educational activities with the objective of developing autonomous and active citizenship of families assisted. 
In addition, there are several small projects to enable the development and updating of the structure and assets. 
The work carried out at Maximiliano Kolbe Social Center sees busy professionals, local and foreign volunteers, and missionaries building a real community. It is a concrete expression of how life can be more supportive, fraternal - a beacon of hope for the world.


There’s a prayer I pray daily with a line in it that took me a long time to begin to understand: Passion of Christ, my comfort be. My logic was that the passion of the Lord was a sad event where Jesus was crushed because of my sins. I didn’t see the comfort in knowing that I was responsible for his suffering. Perhaps some people think that way about today’s memorial: Our Lady of Sorrows. After all, it’s the story of a Mother that suffered her entire motherhood in deep ways. Yet, it brings solace to many.

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