Holy Christmas!


St. Joseph’s intercession was very present in this year dedicated to Him, interceding for our material needs. We were able to realize many projects – including the purchase of a new minivan – thanks to your great generosity and trust in this mission.

Beyond meeting our material needs, Our Lady has been at work through us in the lives of individuals and families:

“Thank you for all your hard work – for evangelizing us and helping us to understand and have more faith.” – J & M

“Thank you for all that you do for Catholics everywhere! … I’ve learned so many new things (about the consecration to Mary) even though I’ve studied it before.” – DB

“We are forever thankful for having you in our lives, for the quiet and holy example of service. We celebrate each of your lives and your vocations.” -J & C

One friend wrote that our ministry is “awesome and wondrous,” and we agree! It is awesome and wonderous to work for Our Lady and to have so many working alongside of us. Please pray for us to be faithful servants. We assure our prayers for you and your intentions during this Holy Season.  - The Community of West Covina


At Christmas heaven meets earth in an embrace of peace, tenderness and light.

God manifests himself in the likeness of a Child to tell us that every man and woman is precious in his eyes. His love becomes Flesh and gives voice and face to the search for truth and the thirst for justice that beats in the heart of our humanity, often wounded and lost.

This is the good news that resounds on the night of Bethlehem

and it is also my wish for each one of you:

the joy of being able to tell with your life

that God is with us, every day and forever.

Giovanna Venturi, General Directress