A Man for Others

Patricia Treece

A fascinating biography of Father Maximilian Kolbe, through the lens of "those who knew him." The "Patron Saint of our Difficult Times" speaks to you from every page, from when he was only a boy to his heroic death. You won't be able to put it down! 


On the author:

Patricia was a convert to Catholicism who wrote for "the human family." She is the author of critically-acclaimed books on saints and related topics, such as mysticism, healing God gives through the prayer intercession of saints, and supernatural phenomena. With a degree in Journalism (with a concentration in Anthropology and Liberal Arts) and advanced studies at Middlebury College's Ecole Francaise and UCLA giving her the ability to research in several languages, Patricia traveled extensively to saints' shrines and archives to research her many popular titles from eyewitness accounts and authentic documents. Her first book A Man for Others  was published in 1982 by Harper San Francisco. It is still in print — as are all Treece's books — and has been translated into a number of languages, anthologized, been a book club selection, and acclaimed by secular as well as the religious press.


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There’s a prayer I pray daily with a line in it that took me a long time to begin to understand: Passion of Christ, my comfort be. My logic was that the passion of the Lord was a sad event where Jesus was crushed because of my sins. I didn’t see the comfort in knowing that I was responsible for his suffering. Perhaps some people think that way about today’s memorial: Our Lady of Sorrows. After all, it’s the story of a Mother that suffered her entire motherhood in deep ways. Yet, it brings solace to many.

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