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Call of the Saints

Scripture Insights 

  • Therese Martin

    Trust Mary. Love the Eucharist. Keep Going.

  • Francis Bernardone

    Serve the Lord not the servant. It's a process. Conquer the little things.

  • Teresa Cepeda y Alhumada

    Surround yourself with people you admire. Read spiritually nourishing books.

  • Rajmund Kolbe

    Enkindle zeal. Surrender to superiors.

  • Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

    Love deeply. Feed the hungry.

  • Francesco Forgione

    Sensitivity. Courage. Prayer.

  • Courage to Change

    They were going to have to stop pretending, procrastinating. This was it, they recognized Christ and they recognized their weakness before him...

  • Who or what is in control?

    Fear is going to exist, but God can have control... Listen to him, and do what he says and he will be in control.

  • Trust is Faith in Action

    Trust is faith in action. Take the leap into the unknown, knowing you will land in the hands of God!

  • Self-Knowledge. God-Knowledge.

    Discover yourself in relation to God, and accept all you find with love. He provides all we need to follow him!

  • Listen. Act.

    Discernment is an action word. Active listening. Active response.