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MI Women's Group

Lent 2018

Listen, Pray, Share with other Catholic Women - open to everyone!

7-8:30pm at the Father Kolbe Missionary Center 

Open to all women 18 and older, looking to grow spiritually with a boost of Marian consecration!

Theme: Mercy* 

Lent 2018
Feb    21    Sin: The Disordering of Desire    
Feb    28    Intercession: The Mediating of God’s Mercy    
March   7    Last Chance for Mercy: Receiving it and Giving it   
March 14    Kingdom or Apocalypse: Mercy or Misery    
March 21    The Meek and the Violent    
March 28    Meekness: Living Merciful Love

Contact Ann O'Donnell:
626-917-0040 + FKMissionaries@gmail.com

*Notes from world-wide retreat master for the Missionaries of Charity and Fr. Kolbe Missionaries, Fr. David Kueter, OMV