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Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata

Our Story

Our origins date back to Father Luigi M.Faccenda’s long service (1945-1979) as the Regional Director of the MI in the EmiliaRomagna Region of Italy. He felt the necessity of the presence of trained andcommitted lay people to be alongside the Missionaries in their work ofevangelization. Father Luigi explained his insight in these words: “(I was)inspired to give life to a movement of persons who, associated to theInstitute, could be Mary in their work, family, parish, to their friends andacquaintances. They could make the activity of the Institute even morefruitful.”
The document that signaled the “birth”of the Volunteers was their Statutes approved the first time in the GeneralAssembly of May 1988. Right away were the first aggregations, first in Italyand then in other communities of the world. New members, vitality, andapostolic ardor enriched our marian, missionary family.
“Dearest Volunteers, it is really a consolation for me to think thatthe total consecration to the Immaculata unites the Missionaries and Volunteersin a unique spiritual family that walks together, each according to theirproper vocation, according to their state in life and relative profession. Andit is even more consoling to know that all of you, through the marian,missionary, kolbean consecration, can become holy and wise apostles.” (FatherLuigi Faccenda, August 2000)

Our Identity

  • Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata

    We live the gift of Consecration to God in the world, for the world.

  • Our Story

    Our roots are important to discovering the heart of our identity.