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Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata

Our Identity

We, the Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata, are laity and clergy who wish to live the Gospel by sharing the spirituality and mission inherited from our founder Father Luigi Faccenda. Father Luigi Faccenda. At the end of the time of formation we are associated to the secular Institute "Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata" and become a living part of this great Marian and missionary family.
Our strength is the total offering of ourselves to the Immaculata, which we confidently renew each day. This desire becomes a prayer, and renders every aspect of our lives more valuable: relationships, work, joys, sorrows, sickness ...
We share with the Missionaries a deep and genuine love for the Marian and missionary apostolate, working with every means to know, love and imitate Mary, and lead all men to God.                                                                                        * * *
"The Volunteer responds to a particular call to a specific vocation, different from that of the Missionary, but of equal dignity and commitment. It is a lay person, a person utterly ordinary. As a layman can, if you wish, become a volunteer: no matter whether young or old, man or woman, married or not; that worker or professional, teacher or housewife like me. Being a volunteer does not imply a renunciation of one's state of life, his family and his social position. One condition is necessary: to have a sincere desire to live the Gospel, the teaching of the Catholic Church. " (Teresa – Father Kolbe Volunteer of the Immaculata)  
 Our “Key Ideas" 
The marian missionary charism lived by us Volunteers is characterized by three fundamental ideas:
Total Consecration to Mary
In communion with the Church and attentive to the provocations of history, we live the total consecration to Mary as an authentic way of sanctity and mission, as a “secret” to living the Gospel consistently. We draw from her the necessary help to live with her maternal and concrete attitudes of listening, welcoming, prayer, offering, and generosity in daily life.Love-Communion
In the Church and with the maternal mediation of Mary, we live in communion with other Volunteers and the Missionaries as a fundamental charism of the Institute. Each one of us is stimulated to grown not only for ourselves, but for the good of all. This life of fraternal communion is fostered by dialogue, correspondence, shared moments between the Missionaries and Volunteers, seeking to recreate the climate of the Cenacle before and after Pentecost. (cf. Statutes #25-28)
We collaborate in the evangelizing mission of the Institute through the witness in various sectors of social activity, spreading and proposing the values of justice, unity, peace, and solidarity. We do so also through personal and community prayer, with the generous offering of suffering and illness.
Those of us who live this vocation as a couple are called to give witness to the ideal of the family of Nazareth, school of faith, love, hope, and life. (cf. Statutes #31,33)
The forms of apostolic collaboration with the Institute vary from person to person according to their gifts, abilities, and time. These include participation in parish missions, book sales, animation of moments of prayer, work with the means of communication, missionary experiences abroad, etc....

  • Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata

    Called to incarnate the values of the Gospel.

  • Our Story

    Discovering where we come from and where we are going.

Nora, Voluntaria argentina (in Spanish)