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Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe

August 14, 2019

Giovanna Venturi's message for the feast of St. Maximilian

Dear missionaries and volunteers, 

A year has already passed since the General Assembly invited us to take new steps and to see new roads for sharing our ideal of life and mission. During these months, in a special way, we have worked on the Project consecration to the Immaculata, with different times and methods in the various nations, but with the common desire to put Mary back at the center and the gift she is for every man and woman.

The celebration of the martyrdom of Saint Maximilian fits well into this journey that we are making and allows us to embrace with renewed gratitude his rich spiritual heritage, capable of bearing fruit even in a concentration camp. Let us draw, once again, from his secret for life and holiness and let us listen again to some of his words in order to go back to the heart of our own lives: "Consecration to the Immaculata does not consist in a prayer, in an act done with great fervor, but in living, working, suffering and dying for the Immaculata."

Consecration to the Immaculata, belonging to her, is a continuous challenge to live in joy and gratitude, to work with commitment for the growth of the Kingdom of God in the heart of every person, to offer all that we are, that we love and that we have in a continuous and generous gift of ourselves, in a daily death to every form of selfishness and personal interest. In a word, it is the Gospel embodied in life, as the whole existence of Saint Maximilian testifies to us.

This is what we ask Mary when we daily renew our offering to her and give her our day: "Immaculate Virgin... you who led Saint Maximilian Kolbe to love without measure, teach me to be a witness to the Gospel and to make my life a gift." It is an invocation that becomes a request, a desire to live a life of love without limits, like that of the martyr of Auschwitz. And today he comes to meet us so as to encourage us on our journey and to rekindle in our hearts that fire of love that allows us to be sparks of light and hope in the world. 
With these feelings I wish each one of you a happy Feast of St. Maximilian and the Assumption.

Giovanna Venturi