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Yes, for always

Consecration to God and Perpetual Profession of Katia Colombo

Saturday, June 15, Katia was consecrated to God forever. The celebration took place in Maximilian Kolbe Auditorium in Borgonuovo, Bologna, Italy. Many priests and friends attended, including from Milan, where Katia is from. A beautiful celebration! Thank you Katia for your "yes" that so enriches our consecrated family.

Her formula of consecration. 
Borgonuovo, June, 15, 2019 

YOU'RE BOUND TO ME AND YOU'VE CHOSEN ME. BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME. AND I'M CHOOSING YOU, I WANT TO BE WITH YOU BETWEEN YOUR EMBRACE AND HEART. YES, I WANT IT, I DESIRE IT WITH ALL MY HEART because I have experienced that your great love is true joy, the deep joy you give me every day. The true joy that you promised me by loving me without measure, loving me despite me, despite my limitations and shortcomings. True joy that is found while remaining in You, the fullness of joy that no one can take away from me and that only you can guard and reach into the depths of my heart. to reach into the depths of my heart. 

Going back these 5 years since my first and important YES,I see my life in your hands again like clay in the potter's hand, and I'm surprised how you're continuously shaping me with that attention, perseverance, care and stubborn patience that only a Father can have for his beloved daughter. There have been moments of joy and struggles but you, Lord, have always been with me, you've always held me in your hands, comforted me in despair, raised me after falls, fulfilled me in trials, exulted me in joy. 

Together with you, you have given the great gift of Mary your own Mother. The woman of the unconditional YES, without measure. MARY, the mother, the sister, the friend who I try to be similar to with everything I carry inside of me as a human. Through entrustment to Her; that every day I renew, I experience trusting abandonment in the Mother and, as in Her, the Word of God does not find obstacle but a mirror, a completely original way of reflecting, propagating, expanding, so I too, following her example, wish to live my own life. HERE I AM. YES, MY GOD, HERE I AM TODAY TO SAY YES! Yes, the most beautiful word you can say, said our founder, Fr. Luigi Faccenda. YES FOREVER; these are the words that with joy and gratitude I say today to You, my GOD, because I love You and I want to continue living my life with you. 

With the certainty that Your Love is faithful, that YOU are in me and I in You, in fatigue and joy, in health and illness 

I, Katia, to the praise of the Most Holy Trinity, with the firm will to consecrate myself more intimately to the love of God, following Christ poor, obedient and chaste to carry out a mission of love and service in the Church and in the world, I profess into you hands, Giovanna, the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, FOR ALL MY LIFE, according to the Constitutions of the Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata. 

REMAIN IN ME AND I IN YOU BECAUSE WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING. IF MY JOY IS IN YOU, YOUR JOY WILL be FULL. Remain in You, in obedience to live the true freedom of a Daughter called wherever you want me. Remain in You, in chastity to live relationships and open me up to my neighbor with generosity and gratuitousness and to live my relationship with you, my God, in an authentic way. Remain in You in poverty, to live essentiality with simplicity and willingness. This I desire today, to remain in you, to continue to live my life with joy and generosity, spending myself without measure for you and for the other; only in this way can my life, through your grace, bear fruit. At the same time I renew my unconditional offering to the Immaculata.

 I entrust myself with all my heart to my spiritual family so that, with the grace of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of St. Maximilian Kolbe, I can give to every man the light and hope of the Kingdom. ... In communion with all the sisters present in our community of the world, today on the feast of the Most Holy TRINITY I ask for me and for the each one the blessing of God in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN 

Katia Colombo