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Support a Project


Our work and mission are accomplished only with your generosity.
Respond to the needs of many people in the world who ask for dignity and better living conditions, by supporting one of our projects carried out in collaboration with the International Association Father Kolbe (non-profit).

Immerse yourself in the passion for evangelization through the media, help us to bear the costs in this increasingly important area of social life, the Church and of our Institute.
Your small gesture of love can change the story and make the world a better place. 


Social Center - “Arco Iris de la Felicidad” - Bolivia

Many families in a variety situations find support and friendship at Arco Iris de la Felicidad. It is a welcoming place where the uniqueness of each person is valued. It is more than a place, it is a community that loves, hopes, and works together.


Social Center -  “Maximiliano Kolbe” - Brazil

Maximilian Kolbe Social Center is a space of hospitality and human promotion for families in the Riacho Grande area. It contributes to the integral development of young people ages 6 to 17 years who are in situations of vulnerability and social risk.


Evangelization through Media

Immaculata Press
Audio, Photo, Video