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Feast of the Institute 

March 25, 2019

"You are the obedient land, Mary, the creation that loves and adores. You are the faithful Daughter of Zion, holy root that generates the flower, By all awaited and hoped, the flower of light in our wilderness. " (David M. Turoldo) 

Dearest Missionaries and Fr. Kolbe Volunteers, 
I turn to each of you with the joy that arises from the contemplation of the mystery of the annunciation to Mary. The New Steps journey leads us to Nazareth, in that humble abode in which God revealed himself to a young maiden of Israel. Let us tiptoe into the house of Mary and ask her the secret of that listening that is the obedience of faith, abandonment and trust in God where nothing is impossible, fruitful and joyful dialogue. Let us approach this mystery, the lowering of God into a woman's womb so that he may be enveloped: what will happen in that dialogue between heaven and earth? What Word will resound in the silence of that surprised gaze?   

Poets, artists, authors of spirituality over the centuries have commented and interpreted this evangelical scene. What more can we add to such beauty? Words, colors, music, but above all our Yes, today and always, in communion of life, ideal, mission. Yes, always yes-as Father Faccenda loved to repeat.   

In Mary’s yes, once again, we dedicate the Yes of the Institute, which on this day celebrates its feast: the Pontifical approval (March 25, 1992) and the definitive seal of the Holy Spirit to its mission in the church and world. We entrust ourselves to the intercession of Father Faccenda, so that other yes’s may blossom. Let us resume the journey, bringing the words of the angel into our hearts: Fear not. Fear Not, move forward on the paths of trust and fraternal welcome; do not fear the judgment of men and the world, because the Lord is with you, He is before you; do not fear your littleness, because only God saves.   

With great joy for the gift of our consecrated Family And for the gift of each missionary and volunteer, Blessed Feast of YES! 

Giovanna Venturi
General Directress

  • 1950

    The first steps

  • 1960

    A marian and missionary presence

  • 1970

    A mission without borders