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Kolbean Reflections

Credible Witness


The reflections stem from our lived experience in the Polish land, in these places so important for us. They take inspiration from those words that resonate more frequently in our hearts while step by step we retrace the paths that lead us to the cell of the greatest love. We have recognized in Mary the ideal of life and the secret of holiness of Maximilian Kolbe, we wish to know it more and more easily and share our meeting with simplicity.


“I owe to him that I am still alive, that I was able to hold out and lived to be liberated… So one day, in a fit of despair, I rushed for the fence (to end it all)…but I was seized. Father Kolbe heard about it. He talked to me and calmed me down again. The things he said had such an effect on me that I never thought of committing suicide again. Not only brave himself, he communicated that bravery to me and to others I could name…We saw how he himself placed his whole life…in God’s hands: Totally abandoned to God, loving the Lord Jesus and our Lady above all things, he won us over with this love…In Father Maximilian we prisoners could sense a hidden, superior strength.” (Patricia Treece, pgs. 190-191) 

The words of the prisoner, Alexander Dziuba, one of many, that shared with Kolbe the experience of Auschwitz, show how much power giving witness has. In situations of immense suffering, the presence of a fried can help us to not fall in the pit of despair. 

Jesus, before his death, left to his apostles and all of us the mission to be his witnesses “you will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you…and you will be my witnesses.” (Acts 1:8) 

Jesus, with his mandate entrusts us with faith a great responsibility: by our witness or not depends the quality of live of those around us. 

“The testimony of life has become ever more an important condition for the efficaciousness of the proclamation. For this reason, here we are responsible, to a point, of the success of the Gospel that we proclaim.” (Paul VI EN 76) 

The daily testimony of an authentic Christian life, marked  by gratitude, justice, sharing, capable of understanding and welcoming, peace, solidarity is the first means of evangelization. “Well, such witness is already a silent proclamation, but very strong and efficacious for the Good News. (EN 21)

Before us lies an immense field of possibilities in which we are called to be authentic witnesses: family, work, interpersonal relationships, parish community, church group. 

Pope Francis in the homily of the Missionary Sunday, said this: “Those who bear witness to Jesus go out to all, not just to their own acquaintances or their little group. Jesus is also saying to you: “Go, don’t miss a chance to bear me witness!” My brother, my sister, the Lord expects from you a testimony that no one can give in your place. …. The Church proclaims the Gospel well only if she lives the life of a disciple. And a disciple follows the Master daily and shares the joy of discipleship with others. Not by conquering, mandating, proselytizing, but by witnessing, humbling oneself alongside other disciples and offering with love the love that we ourselves received. This is our mission: to give pure and fresh air to those immersed in the pollution of our world; to bring to earth that peace which fills us with joy whenever we meet Jesus on the mountain in prayer; to show by our lives, and perhaps even by our words, that God loves everyone and never tires of anyone.” 

The Missionaries of Harmeze, Poland




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