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Kolbean Reflections

Let yourself be led


The reflections stem from our lived experience in the Polish land, in these places so important for us. They take inspiration from those words that resonate more frequently in our hearts while step by step we retrace the paths that lead us to the cell of the greatest love. We have recognized in Mary the ideal of life and the secret of holiness of Maximilian Kolbe, we wish to know it more and more easily and share our meeting with simplicity.


“Let yourself be led, be faithful to inspirations. Let yourself be led by the Immaculata. Let yourself be led by her with love and call on her in all difficulties and uncertainties. Let yourself be led especially in those things that are not pleasing to you, let yourself be led with patience and in love; in peace, by the Divine mercy. Let yourself be led in orderliness, by her without any barrier” (Cfr. KW 987). That “let yourself be led” is almost a refrain that we chase in the meditation notes of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Words of trust and encouragement for himself and also for his brothers: “Let ourselves only be led by Her ever more perfectly and She herself in us and through us will do the most possible”(KW 609), “Let ourselves be led freely by Her, where, how, when She wishes”(KW 755), “Let yourself be led by her and you will be happy on this earth and in Paradise”(KW 1355).

To be led by Mary is to be led by the Spirit, for this in renewing our entrustment to the Immaculata we ask to “be docile to the Spirit”.Father Faccenda writes: “Where Mary is, there is the Holy Spirit…The Holy Spirit works in the faithful soul together with Our Lady, and the more the Virgin is in “possession” of a heart, the more the Holy Spirit is happy and fulfills his wonders…The  Immaculata wholly united to the Holy Spirit, is a brazier that burns without end”(La prese con sépgs. 51-52).

But, for the Spirit with Mary to operate in us, we must empty ourselves from our pride, our vanity, so that “God resists the proud, but gives graces to the humble”(1Pt 5: 5). Welcoming the Spirit in our life, he will place in us the desire to follow Jesus, give us the strength, that strength from on High that Jesus promised to the Apostles and the courage to continue our journey of faith. It’s the Holy Spirit that calls our “Abba Father” in us and reminds us that we are children of God. How do we recognize the guidance of the Spirit? How do we discern amongst our own thoughts the fact that He guides us? One of the most important ways to recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit is to know the Word of God well. The Word is the  “sword of the Spirit”(Eph 6: 17), and the Spirit will use it to talk to us, to reveal the will of God in our lives and guide us to all the truth.
It’s necessary then that we unfold the veils of our life to the wind of the Spirit, to listen to the voice within the folds of history and of our stories, within the challenges of the time, as in the depths of our heart.
In moments of uncertainty and difficulties, let us pray with the words of Pope Francis:“Holy Spirit, make my heart open to the Word of God, that my heart be open to goodness, that my heart be open to the beauty of God every day”(General Audience, May 15 2013).

The Missionaries of Harmeze, Poland




Meditation Archive 2013-2017