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"I still choose you, Lord!"

25th Anniversary of consecration of Angela, Anna, Giovanna, Lucia, Sonia

Borgonuovo, Sunday 6 May. Together to say thank you. A celebration of joy and gratitude, in communion with all the missionaries, volunteers and friends, near and far. Thanks to all those who participated and accompanied Angela, Anna, Giovanna, Lucia and Sonia with so much affection and prayer .

The prayer of thanksgiving and renewal of the vows

Here we are before you, Lord of life, to thank you for the love and fidelity with which you have accompanied our journey in these twenty-five years.

We have chosen you, in the joy and enthusiasm of youth, when the heart burned with great ideals and the gaze moved far, towards a future full of expectations and desires.

We have chosen you, when you have called us to change our horizon and leave what was known to travel always new roads, in the joy of giving ourselves. As a seed you have placed us in different lands, in different places, and made our lives mature to the warmth of your grace, in the daily commitment to be a sign of your love for every man.

We have chosen you, in the face of the many brothers and sisters encountered in these years: each with their history, their dreams, their expectations and sufferings. With them and for them you have made us sisters and mothers and today we entrust them to you, so that you may receive their every need.

We have chosen you, in the beautiful and sad days, in the passing of time and seasons, and experienced that, in the course of the years, our "yes" has taken root in your fidelity, kept in the heart of Mary, our tender and strong mother.

Today we are here and we still choose You, Lord, supported by the affection of our families; by the memory of the parents you have already called with you; by the missionaries, our sisters in the daily journey of discipleship; by the friends here present.

We are here and joyfully I renew the desire and the commitment to follow you: in the path of love which becomes a gift and beauty of being; in the way of poverty who knows how to freely share what he has freely received; in the path of obedience that opens paths of freedom to the breath of the Spirit.

We still choose you, Lord, because You have chosen us first. May your infinite path be ours. Amen.