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A Star on Our Journey

Our General Directress' Christmas greeting

The Father Kolbe Missionaries and Volunteers of the Immaculata wish you a Holy Christmas and a serene New Year, rich in mercy, peace, and joy! 

  «Virgin Mother, daughter of your son…In your womb love was rekindled.»

These words that the poet Dante put on the lips of Saint Bernard, express the profound sense of Christmas: in Bethlehem, God rekindled his Love among men and showed his infinite passion for man. God begins to live the same life as humanity, so that they might begin to live his divine life.

Christmas is God’s courage to immerse himself totally in our weak flesh, fragile and wounded, making a place for his unlimited love. It is the beginning of a story in which God and man walk together in love and man discovers others to love. Celebrating Christmas, therefore, is to make an experience of this love that fills the heart with joy and becomes the most formidable agent of the transformation of existence, opening us to solidarity and sharing with others. We return once again to Bethlehem and welcome the invitation to depart from egotistical way of thinking in order to recover the logic of gift, generosity, trust, pardon, and attention toward the weakest and poorest. It may seem to be a difficult road, full of obstacles and temptations, but let us be led by the Magi, those untiring seekers of hope, who from the far east set out for Bethlehem. Along their road they did not become discouraged by difficulties, deceived by the cunning King Herod, but followed the star that led them finally to Bethlehem, to encounter the Messiah, fount of joy and hope. After adoring the Son of God, they returned to their country to announce what they had seen, to tell all that God so loved the world as to give his Son! 

Dearest friends, may we too “catch” the Love of Bethlehem and become witnesses of hope for those who have lost the sense of   life and the joy of living. We become “a star” for the people that God places in our path, going with them to the source of happiness: the Messiah, born for us. And, just as the Magi left the Messiah heartened by a joy that had not known, we too take up the journey once again with a reserve of energy and new hope. We will be faithful and positive people, credible witnesses, and proclaimers of the Good News to the world: God loves us with infinite tenderness! 

This is my greeting for you and for your families for the upcoming festivities. United as one big family, I ask fraternally that you remember in prayer the upcoming General Assembly of our Institute, so that like the Magi, we let ourselves be guided by the luminous star of the Spirit along the untrodden paths of our story. Blessings of peace and joy, a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Giovanna Venturi
General Directress