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Profession of  Estefanía Sarde


Estefania's perpetual profession has arrived, but how did she discover her vocation? Her testimony. 

My name is Estefania Sarde, I am 29, born in Azul, in the province of Buenos Aires. I studied psychopedagogy. I like it a lot, because through my work I can see the marvels and the mystery that we are as human beings. It is very exciting to be able to witness the development of the potentialities and singularities, the uniqueness of people. As such, it is a gift to be able to stand beside those who suffer for different reasons.
I did not always think of studying pschopedagogy, when I went to school I thought of so many paths of study: from jurisprudence to political science, anthropology, and other studies. But what seemed to be 'my career" until the summer of 2006 was social work. I was all set to begin this study... but Someone invited me to change my plans, and I... changed my plans for Him!
I said yes with all the love that I could offer at that time, but it is an invitation that I still discover and to which I always try to answer with all my heart. 


It was an invitation I never imagines, because I always wanted to form a family, have children, I wished to be committed politically to transform society, I wanted to know the world, travel, and pursue a career. In addition, at that time I was also a little critical of things that pertained to the Church. This is why it took a long time to understand that this invitation was, in spite of everything, just for me.
However, I do not know how, this invitation was gradually conquering my whole world. He offered me a "more," that deep within I longed for.
For the first time I listened with the ears of the heart to the lives of others: "What do you do to be so happy?" I continued to listen to so many people in my mission (in South Argentina, in my city, on trips to Bolivia) who desired the Good News, a word from God, the Word of God. 


I listened to Him in so many gestures of solidarity, forgiveness, sharing, tenderness that have shown me the Kingdom for which it is worth selling everything, leaving the 99, the home... and then the invitation began to have a concrete face: Jesus. TO follow Him had become the fullness of all my desires and at the same time a full love experience, his design on the world was the world I wanted. That's why I decided to say "Yes, I want this forever."
I chose this consecrated family for the mission, this is how I want to follow Jesus, walking the paths of the world, as He did. In the journey of formation I discovered the beauty of "being Mary," she taught me that from littleness and tenderness it is possible to change the world, starting with me, just as she did. 
"Now I know that I can no longer live without your love." (Paito Fito)