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A Man, A Dream, A Story

Father Luigi Faccenda - Anniversary

We remember with gratitude Father Luigi Faccenda, founder of our Institute, on the 12th Anniversary of his final voyage. The testimony of Father Raffaele DI Muro, International President and Assistant of the Militia of the Immaculata. 

As a young friar I desired to know this friar that everyone said was a saint. I remember that when I met him, what struck me was the figure I saw: an old friar, aged, consumed for the Lord. I saw the suffering that he carried; I remember his look - luminous, a man, person, friar that let himself be consumed by love. I thought that Father Luigi Faccenda is the only founder in the world who knew how to interpret the message of Kolbe, all the other founders had failed, all except what Father Luigi founded. Therefore, the Missionaries, Volunteers, and in the final stage of his life, the Missionary men. Why this? Because Father Luigi was not afraid, he lived his consecration to the Lord, he remained faithful to Kolbe's teaching.

You have said that he was a leader, it's true! You said he was a formator, and that's right! You have said that he was an apostle, evangelizer, a father, and it's true... but above all, if you will, he was an apostle that was not afraid, like St. Maximilian Kolbe, of the challenges the Lord placed before him. It is his consecration that made these three foundations, these three seeds that he threw to the ground, become the fruits of mature trees. Here is the living Gospel, lived by Father Luigi. This, for me, is the great secret of Father Luigi, who had the humility and the vision of the prophet to understand that he was to "die" and the missionaries had to grow, the volunteers had to grow, the missionary men had to grow; little by little he quit being the one who was driving and let these three creatures go on their own. This was his great prophecy

.-Father Raffaele di Muro. Poland, July 2017