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Memorial Day

May 29, 2017


On Memorial Day, hundreds of people gathered at Schabarum park to honor our fallen heroes and celebrate family!
It was a beautiful day, with ideal weather, an abundance of food, lots of games, and of course great people! Many thanks go out to the team that made it possible, and to the many participants for making the day successful.
This year's picnic honored Alice O'Donnell, who passed away on March 7th, a long time picnic attendee, mother of FKM Ann O'Donnell, and a Father Kolbe Volunteer.
We therefore prayed the rosary for her, our fallen heroes, our friends and benefactors, and of course joined with the intentions of the many who prayed. Following the rosary everyone enjoyed lunch - the kids were particular happy with their hot dogs and pizza - and each other's company.
Afterwards the kids were broken into age groups and played games organized by collaborators.
The scavenger hunt, human bingo, the parachute, Immaculata, and of course water balloons were all quite animated. Face painting went on for hours, as a collaborator painted super heroes, fairies, flags, camouflage, and so much more on the faces of expectant children.
Finally, the day concluded with a raffle. First prize, a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima, went to Silvano and Maria Barba.