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North America


West Covina (USA)
Fr. Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata
531, EastMerced Avenue
Tel. +1 626.91.70.040 - Fax +1 626.91.70.900

Maneadero (MEXICO)
Misioneras de la Inmaculada - Padre Kolbe
22790 Maneadero (Baja California) MEXICO
TEL. +52 646 154 1921

Mission in Maneadero, Mexico
  Since December 8, 2000, we have been present in Maneadero (Baja California), Mexico in the person of Maria del Rosario. Over the years our Californian community (of which Maria is a part)  has financially sustained this mission through the generosity of benefactors. Below are a few testimonies that demonstrate the enormous impact that this mission has had on the lives of so many. 
The mission of the Immaculata has changed my life. 
The mission of the Immaculata has changed my life, in several ways. First, my spiritual life, because it has allowed me to know more deeply my faith, which has been transmitted to me directly by example and with sincerity. It has helped me dispel the doubts I had. Learning not only to hear the Word, but to implement it in my daily life has helped me to be a better person to others, but especially to become a better person for the glory of God. ...

​Not everything has been easy. I was 11 when I joined the mission and started training with la Hermana Maria in preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. I am now 21 and during these 10 years I have seen how all this apostolic work continues to grow thanks to la Hermana Maria, who always give us the necessary help without giving up and fighting every day for everything to work out. ...

​​Broadly speaking, the community of which I am a member has always counted on her help, whether people who frequent the church or not, she has always helped everyone.

​Material needs that are met: 
​- Doctors and medicines
- School tuition and uniforms
​- Food baskets
​- Clothes
​- Blankets and winter jackets 

​Spiritual needs that are met: 
​- First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism
- Marriage talks 
​- Spiritual retreats
- Personal accompaniment
​- Recreational outings
​- Choir

​These are just some of the many things that our community and people have benefited from in the last 20+ years. We haven't been asked for anything in return, only an open heart and mind to receive the gifts that God gives us through the mission of the Immaculata. 

I must say thank you for the help I received, I will finish my college studies as a social worker in November of this year. 

​I am very grateful to God, la Hermana Maria, to the Institute she belongs to and to all the instruments of Providence that have made this possible. 

​- Nancy