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Milestones in the Life of Saint Maximilian


January 8th: Birthday
Rajmund Kolbe was Juliusz and Maryanna Kolbe's second child. He was born on Monday, January 8, 1894, two days after the Epiphany (according to the Gregorian calendar).


February 17: His Arrest
February 17th we remember Saint Maximilian's second arrest, together with four confreres. He was imprisoned in Pawiak and then Auschwitz.


March 30, 1930: Eastward 
Three years after the opening of Niepokalanow, when Father Kolbe's presence still seemed indispensable, he received permission to found a Niepolalanow in the eastern Asia. 


April 28, 1918: A Priest Forever
Today is the anniversary of Saint Maximilian's ordination. He prepared for this event in silent prayer, and with gratitude to God and the Immaculata for this great gift.


May 28, 1941: A New Niepokalanow
Father Kolbe arrived at Auschwitz concentration camp. This became a new Niepokalanow, where he continued to speak of the Madonna and to announce and give the example that "only love creates."


June 13,1927: A Happy Meeting
Don Taddeo Ciborowski, guest of the Franciscan community at Grodno, promised to put Father Kolbe in contact with Prince Drucki Lubecki.


Development of Niepokalanow


August 14, 1941: Martyr of Love
More than fifty years have passed since Saint Maximilian gave his life.


September 19, 1939: First Arrest
Before his first arrest, Father Kolbe and forty confreres were arrested and imprisoned in Amtitz and then in Ostrzeszòw. 


October 16, 1917: The Militia of the Immaculata Begins
In the month of October, we celebrate several milestones in the life and sanctification of Saint Maximilian.


November 1938: 1 Million
Rycerz Niepokalanow (Knight of the Immaculata) reaches a circulation of 1 million. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Militia of the Immaculata, Father Kolbe gave a radio message on the development of the magazine.


December 8, 1937 to December 8, 1938: New Evangelization
Shortly before the beginning of the war, Maximilian Kolbe began to use the radio as an instrument of evangelization and the diffusion of the Good News.