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Saint Maximilian deeply loved God and the Immaculata, and therefore all of humanity. His missionary love had no limits, so he saw in the means of social communication an effective and immediate means of evangelization.
He wrote:  
"Every means, every latest invention in the field of mechanics or work-systems are means at the service of the work of sanctification through the Immaculata…leading a life in extreme poverty, we may use the most modern means. Dressed in a torn habit, aboard a modern airplane, if there is the need for the salvation and sanctification of the greatest number of souls: this remains OUR IDEAL! (SK 1218)

Traveling from Hong Kong, he wrote to a Japanese confrere:
"Always maintain peace and serenity of spirit. Leave every worry to the Immaculata. She is able to transform everything into a greater good. This will be important for you, for the others, and for the laity that come in contact with us.” (KW 676)

He sent the following telegram to Niepokalanów from Nagasaki: "Today we send out the Japanese Rycerz. “Glory to the Immaculata." (SK 262)

Though he had much editorial work and teaching the Japanese seminarians, he concerned himself with deepening their spiritual life, without which their work and sacrifices lose significance.Young Dagis remembered:  
"He taught us theology; he had knowledge of things not so much based on rules and laws as experience.  Father Kolbe never got into arguments when discussing a doctrine or its followers. He approached them (non-Catholics) as brothers, without attacking their faith and seeking to bring them the truth he saw, transmitted through love, example, dialogue, sacrifice, and prayer.”His missionary zeal is underlined in this excerpt:
"It is necessary to renew the efforts, and in a vigorous way, of the Japanese Niepokalanów, because there are not priests to work among the pagans. It must not be forgotten that ender the sun there exists more than Poland and Japan, but there is an even greater number of hearts beating across the borders of other lands. When will the knights of the Immaculata reach these? When will Niepokalanów be found in their lands?” (KW 647).
Father Kolbe wrote to Father Florian at Niepokalanów:
"The Spirit of Niepokalanów exists in nothing more than that we belong totally to her, where we live, the machines, offices, and even our debts, but, above all, that every heart beats in hers. No one can be a member of Niepokalanów if they don’t consecrate themselves to the Immaculata without reserve, including going to the missions, without trembling before whatever country, difficulty, or even death.” (KW 463; 398)
Saint Maximilian encountered many difficulties in Japan, but still he did not lose courage. He was aware that the cross is inevitable, and he looked to new horizons:
"... we have several difficulties and crosses, we are in mission after all, but we also have numerous satisfactions. Actually, the subscriptions to “Kishi” have reached 20,000, but for December we’ve already printed 25,000.  As for plans for the future, while aiming at the end of MI, namely the conquest of the entire world to the Immaculate, I think of beginning also a  “Knight” in Chinese…. I think of India… until the whole world will be the Immaculata’s. (KW 296).
Yamaki remembered Father Kolbe:
"He was a very kind person who took an interest in persons of other religions as much as he did in his own. He had no prejudices about me, even though I am Protestant.  He always confided in me and trusted me completely.”

"He treated everyone with love, without distinction of race, age, or education. You could say that he lived for the laity. He sought to draw near to them and to reach every family through the magazine. He wanted to bring every single person to God.”