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Father and Formator

Father Kolbe was nominated Guardian of Niepokolanow, and so returned to Poland from Japan. His two goals were very precise: reorganization of the activities and the formation of the friars. He wrote to Mugenzai no Sono:

I organized my time in this way: I remain in my room until noon and welcome the brothers that have something to tell me or ask me, etc. In the afternoon I desire to visit every area, every office of work, and to find each person in his place of work… (KW 678)
He instituted twelve areas (up until then there were only five):
MI for Niepokalanow / MI for Poland / MI for the world / Financial Office / Study / Production / Reproduction / Shipping / Energy / Editing / Communication / Security 

In the restructuring, he indicated the MI National as the “first area” in order to designate that it was the most important.

"In reality we entered the Order only to become saints… we must take upon ourselves only the work of conversion and sanctification of ourselves and others under the protection and through the mediation of the Immaculata. This is, to the point, the goal of the MI.  We begin with ourselves, rightly, then the MI and the inhabitants of Niepokalanów.” (KW 1238)
Regarding the formation, Father Kolbe gave this reflection:
"I have reflected many times on the fact that Jesus, in forming his apostles, did not resort to punishment but more than anything formed with the heart.” (KW 950)
On prayer he wrote:

"The spirit of prayer consists in always elevating one’s thought to God. One’s thought, namely one’s intention, must be to act, work, rest, suffer and even pray publicly only because this is the will of the Immaculata, to please her, and through her, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (SK 878).
From Nagasaki, he wrote to Friar Enrico Borodziej:
“Help one another in the Immaculata with prayer, good counsel, fraternal charity, and a tender charity, cordial and quick sacrifice…” (KW 798) 
Friar Luca remembered:
"During my visits to the convent, Kolbe’s dedication to reading the Sacred Scriptures struck me. Every time I went to find him, I found him with the Bible opened on his desk. "

"He visited Jesus in the Eucharist many times a day. He used to say, ‘Here is our strength, here is the source of our sanctification.”

Father Maximilian underlined that love, after being channeled by the consecration, overflows into apostolic activity:

"To give oneself totally to the Immaculata as an instrument in her immaculate hands, so that it is not us, but she who works in us and through us is the spirit of the MI.” (S.K. 1330)

"To be her’s without any limit: This is the sun that brightens the life of many, many hearts!When the fire of love ignites, it cannot find room in the limits of the heart, but goes forth and enflames, devours, and absorbs other hearts. It conquers always more numerous souls to its own ideal, the Immaculata… The Knight knows that this is the only way to reach the happiest and most sublime sanctity.” (KW 1325)
Saint Maximilian formed his friars according to these values and ideals, and sought to recreate the spiritual climate of Nazareth at Niepokalanów, recalling the faithful to Christian consistency, and worked to make the world one great Niepokalanów.