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Founder of Niepokalanow

Saint Maximilian did not hold only himself, his family, neighbors, friends, fellow Poles to his heart, but embraced the entire world. He desired that everyone know true happiness, a limitless love. “The happiness of all humanity in God through the Immaculata,” this was his dream. (KW 1088)
A few dates:
-        October 1, 1927 he began the construction of the convent and press that would be Niepokalanów, immediately after the donation of land from Prince John Druck Lubecki was official.
-        October 31, 1928 the Sacred Congregation in Rome gave canonical status to Niepokalanów.
-        November 11, 1928 From Warsaw, Father Kolbe sent the following telegram to his brother Alfonso, who was still in Grodno: “Holy Saturday Mass in Niepokalanow. Glory to the Immaculata.” (KW 179)
One of the more urgent problems was to form the young people who desired to consecrate themselves “full time” to God in the Franciscan community.

Here are a few principles:  
"Above all else… the sincere desire to consecrate oneself to God and to the Most Holy Virgin is necessary.” (KW 183) 

Friar Lorenzo Podwapinski recalled:
"I was twenty-six years old and the world was mine. I had finished my studies and was enjoying the idea of an interesting job. I didn’t lack girlfriends. Then, in April 1929, someone gave me a copy of Niepokalanów’s publication.There was an advertisement:
"The gates of the city of the Immaculata are always open! Enter these gates, youth who ardently desire to serve Mary. But… don’t try to figure it all out! Because, it is in the work that does not come with material rewards, in self-abandonment, and in penance that you will find the road that leads to peace – that peace that the world cannot give you.” Despite the opposition of my family, I asked to be admitted.  I do not have the letter that I received from Father Maximilian, but its substance was “Dear son, you are welcome! Come as soon as possible. Do not worry about bringing many things. You are more important than what you possess. It is enough that you desire to serve God through Mary Immaculate.”At Niepokalanów the vocations increased:
"Here at Niepokalanów we have 67 friars (including the aspirants), 33 seminarians (candidates to the priesthood) and two priests. A numerous enough family! We ask a prayer, so that we do not place any obstacles in the plan of the Immaculata.”  (KW 214)

Father Anselm:
"He was really happiest when the greatest poverty reigned. He said that a religious order ought to be a school of sanctity, and a convent ought to radiate simplicity, penance, and poverty.”"One needs to dedicate a little more energy to the cause of the Militia.”
He underlines the essentiality of the consecration to the Immaculata as a purely interior act and the importance of the miraculous medal as the external sign that one offered oneself to Mary. Regarding the use of means he counseled:
"All means are legitimate: the press, radio, theatre… take care to fully develop the gifts the good God has given to man.” (KW 200)

His search for perfection was born from the need to concretely express the love of God."We joyfully announce that, notwithstanding our many difficulties involved in the move from Grodno to Niepokalanów, the subscriptions to Rycerz are not only not diminished, but increase without stop and at the present we have arrived at 70,000 copies. Our dream is to reach 100,000 copies.”
 If you love the Immaculata, and if your heart yearns to know her more, give your contribution as you are able! All readers of Rycerz are zealous! Conquer the world for the Immaculata! (KW 1140) 
"Celebrate, in a marvelous and grateful manner, the love of God that endures all eternity and permeates time with so many signs: ‘Who would have imagined that You, or Infinite, Eternal God have loved me from the centuries?... That you loved me and have loved me always!’”(KW 1145)