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The Miraculous Medal 

To the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal

miraculous medal

O Immaculate Virgin, moved by compassion for our misery, you manifested yourself with the sign of the Miraculous Medal in order to reveal to us your love and mercy. Have pity on our afflictions, console our sorrows, and grant us the grace for which we ardently pray to you.

Hail Mary...

O Immaculate Virgin, through the Miraculous Medal you gave us a sign of your mission as our Mother, Mediatrix, and Queen. Defend us from sin, keep us in the grace of God, convert sinners, grant us continual health, and give us the help which we greatly need. 

Hail Mary...

O Immaculate Virgin, you promised your special protection to all those who wear the Miraculous Medal with faith. Intercede for us who have recourse to you and for those who do not have recourse to you, especially the enemies of the Holy Church and those who spread errors; for the sick and for those who are recommended to you. 

Hail Mary...


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