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Saint Maximilian revealed an open and attentive spirit from his youth.
Regarding the beauty of nature we read in his writings:
“Magnificent views, the mountains descend partly to woodland and partly to rocks ..... There is Minori, a town on the coast, from which the sea stretches to the horizon. (KW 988 G)

Stryczuy recalls from the novitiate: "After we began the novitiate, we established a friendship that would last a lifetime during walks in the hills. We promised to recite a Hail Mary every day for one another".

He cultivated grand ideals in his heart, while keeping his feet on the ground, valuing the little, daily things with humility.
From the Spiritual Exercises, 1913:
"In every situation think more of love than of work.” "Let yourself be led in serenity and faith towards Divine Mercy through the Immaculata.” (KW 969)
He knew how to learn from everyone, without pretense, and knew how to offer his own interior richness. In one writing he underlines:
"Everything and every event helps one to know, love, and serve God and to arrive at the happiness after death and to live well on earth.” (KW 963) From this love and the errors of the freemasons, Maximilian questioned: “Why must the forces of evil work so hard, while we are here only to pray? Don’t we have a greater power? Yes. The Immaculata.

His program of life was born:
"The Militia of the Immaculata was founded in 1917 at the International College of the Franciscan Friars, Conventual to extend a hand to the many unhappy people and help them to draw near to the Immaculata, the mediatrix of every grace. (KW 1328).

Father Pal recalled:
"On the evening of October 16, 1917, we met in the room next to Father Rector’s and Maximilian read the program he had formulated from a small piece of paper. I was the first to sign it, because I was already ordained a priest and I was the oldest. It seems to me that Maximilian signed list. I don’t know if this paper still exists… it would be interesting, because it would demonstrate that Maximilian did not give great attention to appearance. To launch such a great project, he sued a tiny piece of paper.”
The young student understood well that the foundation of the Christian life must be love, because only in love is it possible to find “the source of strength and perseverance.”