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Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata

Lay-Consecrated to God in the world, for the world.

We live the gift of the consecration to God in the world for the world, in a style of life that incarnates the evangelical virtues where we are inserted. Some of us live in our families of origin, or alone, others instead live in groups of fraternal live in the Houses of the Immaculata. 
We publicly profess forever the three vows, incorporating ourselves into our Institute with a commitment that is full and mutual, after an adequate time of preparation. We take on the responsibility of living a life of faithful and intense prayer, that helps us to discern the presence and action of God in us, others, and events.
Our profession of chastity is the choice to make God the Lord of our life. We renounce conjugal love without closing the doors of our hearts to live and love. We experience the personal love of God and choose to make our lives a sign of this love for each person we meet, without distinction. We value all our capabilities, including emotional. 
The vow of poverty allows us to follow Christ, who assumed every human reality with total humility, filling us and transforming us from within. We accept the precarity of our human existence with great faith in God the Father. Aware that such a choice goes hand in hand with the urgency of evangelization, we live in a simple way that permits us to share who we are and what we have. In particular, we believe in the virtue of solidarity, the responsible use of goods and time, and professionalism and competence in our work and apostolic service. 
The fundamental virtue is obedience of faith, rooted in an attentive listening to what Jesus proposes to us every day in his Word. Like Mary Immaculate, and with her, we seek to be open to the action of the Spirit who transforms our being into an image of the humanity of Christ.  The vow of obedience keeps us in a constant search for the project of God here and now, for us and for the world. At the same time, it makes us interiorly available and free to choose love, with an authentic “yes” that is united with the “yes” of Mary, servant of the Lord. 
The profession of the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience is made freely in love.  

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Raffaella Aguzzoni: we remember, give thanks.

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    The Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata are lay or ordained persons who desire to live the Gospel sharing the spirituality and mission left by our founder, Father Luigi Faccenda.

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