Missionarie dell'Immacolata Padre Kolbe
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"The spirit does not know the material law of aging, but must evolve without limit." Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Father Luigi Faccenda was a keen interpreter of spirituality and legacy of Father Kolbe: I took the missionary spirit, pastoral dynamism, intuition doctrine. It has developed reflection on the consecration to the Immaculate, taking advantage of the teachings of the Magisterium and of developments in the post-conciliar Mariology, proposing a Marian spirituality from the vast breath of the Church. It has deepened the missionary charism, giving concrete form to a number of insights Kolbe, pushing its institutions towards a missionary without borders and, above all, emphasizing the need of '"to be" missionaries in the heart and mind before being posted. He lived the same ardent love for humanity as Father Kolbe and devoted all his energies and those of the Institute he founded to the salvation and happiness of all people. In his books there are numerous collections of experiences, theological and pastoral reflections, catechesis that shows his passionate love for God, the Virgin Mary and for the salvation of all people.Here are some excerpts from his books broken down by topic.