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No fall shall occur then.

(The Lord)...even allows the soul to fall, so that the soul may finally know what it is by itself and stop relying on itself. So that it finally may surrender itself solely to Him with full confidence. That is why downfalls were to the saints steps toward perfection. Nonetheless, woe to the soul that does not accept even such extreme medicine and, fixed in its pride, asserts, "I am unable to mend my ways," because God is also just and will require that you render a strict account of all the graces He has granted.
What should one do then?
Consecrate oneself totally, with boundless confidence to the hands of Divine Mercy, whose personification, by the will of God, is the Immaculata. Not rely on oneself but rather be afraid of oneself, trusting without limits in her and turning to her as a child to his mother every time one feels impelled to evil. No fall shall occur then. The saints say that he who prays to the Divine Mother during temptation certainly shall not sin. And he who turns with confidence to her for a lifetime will certainly be saved.
(KW Vol. 2, #1100)