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I knew that Mary had spoken to the three little shepherds. But who were they? What virtues did they possess to enable them to claim this great privilege?
Speaking to some other children in this mountainous area, you learn that Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco were poor, ignorant and unable to understand concepts usually gained by contact through socialization, progress and education.
In the mystery of divine psychology, it is to these little ones that Mary entrusts a message that has as its object the basic and profound truths of faith---sin, hell, the Blessed Trinity, the consecration to her Immaculate Heart, the conversion of Russia and world peace.  This message in less than forty years has spread beyond the Iberian Peninsula to every continent, nation and even to the most remote cities and villages throughout the world.
The Queen of Heaven was pleased to entrust her message of love to the humble and simple shepherds of Fatima, but not to limit this urgent and universal action to them. On the contrary, she intended to inspire an unlimited multitude of generous apostles who, filled with the purest ideals and consecrated to her maternal heart, may know how to spread the language of exhortation, forgiveness and resurrection throughout time and space.
Now, I can fully understand the providential relationship between the message of Fatima and the prompt and faithful response from Fr. Maximilian Kolbe, the apostle and Knight of Mary.
He offered and consecrated to Mary’s most pure heart, the Knights of the Immaculata which he founded. He established for her the “Cities of the Immaculata” to spread the devotion and knowledge of Mary. He pointed out to his followers their goal, the conquest of Russia and the whole world.
I see him preparing his battle plans. I see him in the heart of Moscow, contemplating the Communist fortress and writing prophetically, “ Let us not believe that it is in the far future or that it is a dream. The great day in which the statue of the Immaculata will be enthroned by her Knights over the towers of the Kremlin”…
I see him translating and printing in Russian the Statutes and a booklet of the Immaculata. I see him spreading the “Knights of the Immaculata” in Estonia and Lithuania and in the Baltic countries which will receive and prepare many vocations for the Marian Apostolate in Russia.
I hear him repeating endlessly as a testament, “Propagate the Militia to the extreme limits of the earth because this is a holy cause. It is the will of the Divine Mother.”
I thanked the Immaculata for giving us an apostle who knew how to be among the first to answer the message of Fatima, for calling us to follow his footsteps through the Militia and for forming out of nothing the Institute of his Missionaries.
I prayed to her maternal heart to make of us her possession and property in everything, without limits; so that we may be in her hands instruments of salvation for other souls. And I ;promised her that as soon as the sun’s rays break the darkness that suffocates the light of Christ in so many nations…as soon as the iron Curtain opens its frontiers, your missionaries will be among the first to bear the redemptive grace of God.
Yes, whatever it may cost, because we trust in your promises, our heroic leader points to it and the law of love requires it.