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Consecration to Mary


Consecration: Why?

The solemnity of the Immaculate Conception invites us to reflect on the meaning and value of consecration to Mary, which is the heart of St. Maximilian’s spirituality.
Consecration to Mary; that is, our belonging wholly to her, leads us gradually to reach the stature of Christ. We are called, and no one better than Mary, who formed Christ, can form us into his image.
“Totus Tuus:” These words of St. Louis Grignion de Montfort, chosen by the Holy Father (Pope St. John Paul II) as his own motto, contain the whole meaning of consecration or entrustment to Mary. They represent an act of faith, abandonment, and trust: “I want to be totally yours, O Mary, like Jesus was totally yours; like Joseph, who took you as his wife; like Joh, who took you to his own home in order to continue to see the Lord’s face in you and to share the riches which you treasured in your Heart; like the Apostles, who gathered with you in the Cenacle, where you continued your maternal mission.”
Why should we be “totally Mary’s?” God, in his Divine Plan, has made Mary necessary to our salvation. HE willed her to be his efficacious instrument and the shortest way for our reaching Him. She is not the shortest or the easiest way in the sense that she keeps us from trials and difficulties. Rather, within her Heart we partake of the sword of sorrow that pierced her soul (cf. Lk 2:35). But she is indeed the way. God chose to reveal Himself to the world, to bring about our redemption, and to become “one” with humanity. The union of man with God by the working of the Holy Spirit takes place in Mary.
Consecration to Mary draws us into the whole plan of salvation. Therefore, it is not just a means for our personal sanctification, but it becomes a calling to work for the sanctification of all. After the care of all mankind under the Cross was entrusted to Mary, Jesus cried out, “ I Thirst.” This cry of Christ, his thirst for souls, reverberated in mary’s Heart, and she has continued to communicate it to all her children, John, the other Apostles, and us.
This (missionary aspect to quench Christ’s thirst for souls) is the new dimension of consecration to Mary, which St. Maximilian Kolbe perceived and developed on the basis of St. Louis de Monfort’s consecration. Kolbe based his missionary activity and established the Militia fo the Immaculata movement on this dynamic concept. Therefore, his and our motto could be: “I am totally yours, O Immaculata, in order to lead all to God.”
Consecration to Mary is characterized by two basic attitudes: trust and self-offering.
First, trust in Mary, because we know her journey of faith, day by day. We believe in her love and her maternal mission. We acknowledge her specific role in the life of the Church, and we recognize that she is a figure and fulfillment of what we will also become.
Consequently, we entrust ourselves to her. What do we offer to Mary? We offer to her our spirit with all its aspirations; our mind with its thoughts, fears, and desires; our body with its faculties and sufferings; and our heart with its affection and ability to love and give. We offer to her all that we do every action, word, and apostolic activity. We may feel as if we have  nothing to offer to Mary because we experience the reality of our human and spiritual limitations, our inability to do the good things we wish to do, and our own sinfulness. And yet this is precisely what we must place in Mary’s hands and into her Heart.
The Heart of the Immaculata is like an altar on which all that we are and do is placed and thereby is purified and enriched by her fullness of grace and her merits. The Immaculata takes possession of our whole being and offers it to God the Father as her own.
Naturally, our commitment is indispensable. Mary will sustain and lead us on our journey to the degree we seek to draw close to her and to learn from her to follow Christ. The immediate fruit of our consecration, therefore, is our imitation of Mary, who, day after day, shapes the face of Christ in us and makes us his witnesses.
Let us pray for one another that we may allow her to carry out this motherly task in each of us.  - Father Luigi M. Faccenda
Original: Spes Nostra Magazine, November 1993


How will you honor your sweet mother?

How will you manifest to her your love and your desire that all may come to know and love her?
You will honor her by your life of union with her, doing everything for, with and in her, so that your every action may give the greater glory to God and bring the greater good to others. I suggest you to live and love the interior life, experiencing the symbiosis of contemplation and action.
Practice a profound and interior silence.
Honor her by giving Her your whole being, body, heart and soul with all its powers, so that nothing will be wasted of what you gave up for the Kingdom of God.
I suggest you to invoke Her unceasingly throughout the day: “I need you… Help me… All for love of you… I love…Save those whom I love and who need you and ask for my prayers…” Mary will embrace everything within her Heart, enrich it with her merits and present it to the love of the Father, the mercy of the Son and the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit. Thus, a shower of grace and light will come upon you, upon us all, upon the world,  upon those who live in sin, the dying, everyone.