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Who We Are

A Consecrated Family

We are a Secular Institute made up of missionaries consecrated to God and associated laity, the Volunteers. Together, we form a true family. We are not united by blood or friendship only, but my a strong spiritual chain: the consecration to Mary. With her, following her example, we desire to place ourselves at the service of the world to witness to the love of God everywhere and at every moment.
We are a spiritual family: the encounter with Christ has changed history and the life of each person. We allow ourselves to be conquered by and drawn into the Word of God. We have set out to follow him, together, every day, in a mutual sharing of gifts and assistance.
Our Institute was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1954 by a conventual Franciscan named Father Luigi Faccenda. It was founded with the objective to live the marian and missionary spirituality inherited by St. Maximilian Kolbe, martyr of Auschwitz, in a stable form in the Church. St. Maximilian’s spiritual experience, based on the total consecration to the Immaculate Virgin, is the richness with desire to welcome, live, and communicate. 

  • Father Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata

  • Lay-Consecrated

    We live the gift of the consecration to God in the world for the world, in a stile of life that incarnates the evangelical virtues.

  • Our Story

    Our roots are very important to discovering our identity: who we are, where we have been, and where we are going.

  • Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata

  • Our Story

    The Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata

  • Our Identity

    The Father Kolbe Volunteers of the Immaculata are lay ond ordained persons who live the Gospel in the spirituality and mission inherited from Father Luigi Faccenda.




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