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Consecration to Mary


How do we consecrate ourselves to her? 

     Our unlimited love for the Immaculate is manifested and nourished in our consecration to her.
     But how do we consecrate ourselves to her? Here we have a few indications:
     1. With an act of the will expressed once and not revoked, which can be expressed in different ways.
     2. It is advisable to personally renew this act of consecration to her, so that it may become ever more genuine.
     3. It is wise that we offer every important matter to her, even if we know we already belong to her, by merely invoking her name: "Mary."
     In times of trouble we should also offer our difficulties to the Immaculate, with the invocation of "Mary": May she remove them, leave them as they are, diminish or increase them according to her pleasure.
     And once our work is finished, and we have invoked her name, she purifies it, correcting whatever is wrong and offers it to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as her personal gift.
     Jesus, on his part, through the infinite merits of His most precious Blood, raises that action by giving it infinite value, and offers it to the Eternal Father as a gift worthy of His Infinite Majesty. In that way, our action becomes a voluntary offering of our heart, of the Immaculate and of Jesus, presented to God One and Trine. 
*The cities of the Immaculate scattered throughout the world. 
     4. It is also good to establish an agreement with her, by which, even if we forgot to offer something to her, the which we show in fulfilling that action correctly, may by itself be the sign that we are doing it for her.
     5. When distraction diverts our attention, we should calmly and promptly return to our work, as a sign that whatever we are doing is for her.
     6. When the praise of men tickles our vanity, we should try to improve our work even more, to prove we are doing every­thing for her (K 1300).
(excerpt Stronger than Hatred, New York City Press, New York, 1988)