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Be. Live. Testify.


The consecration of our life to Mary, Mother of God, is the basis of our spirituality. We beginevery day with this intention, this interior act, this prayer: “VirginImmaculata, I received you as a gift of Jesus from the cross and I entrustmyself to you.” This is the expression of our charism, the special “gift” wehave received from God to share. 
Before his deathon the Cross, Jesus gave us his Mother and entrusted each one of us to her loveand tenderness, as John recounts in his Gospel: “Woman, behold your son,”“Behold your mother.” (John 19:26) It was the peak of God’s love for thesalvation of the world. Therefore, in receiving this Word, we have heard thecall to live it in the depths of our being, in our style of life, throughwitness and service. The consecration to Mary, when welcomed within us,interiorly transforms us into Mary, in a constant and gradual way, as in thelife of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. This is our greatest desire, our goal, ourideal: to be Mary. No one lived for God and of God more than she. 


The testimony of Paola
(in French)