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Mary's Month 

Once again, it is May, the month in which we traditionally celebrate our earthly mothers and our Heavenly Mother. 

During Advent and the other Liturgical seasons, the Liturgy offers us readings and prayers that guide us wisely to discover Mary’s presence in the mystery of Christ and the Church, and in our lives. During the month of May, we gather around our Heavenly Mother with expressions of love and devotion that are typical of various countries and cultures. 

In his timeless Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus, Pope Paul VI gave us clear directives in order to develop a devotion to Mary firmly rooted in the revealed Word and on solid dogmatic foundations. In the closing paragraphs of the same document, he pointed out:
Devotion to the Blessed Virgin finds its ultimate justification in the unfathomable and free will of God Who, being eternal and divine charity, accomplishes all things according to a loving design. He loved her and did great things for her. He loved her for his sake, and he loved her for our sake too.  He gave her to himself, and he gave her also to us as our Mother and Model. (Marialis Cultus, n. 56) 
Paul VI also added: 
Christ is the only way to the Father and the ultimate example of Whom the disciple must conform his conduct. But the Church, taught by the Holy Spirit and benefiting from centuries of experience, recognizes that devotion to the Blessed Virgin, subordinated to worship of the divine Savior and in connection with it, also has an excellent pastoral effectiveness and constitutes a force for renewing Christian living. It is a potent aid for man as he strives for fulfillment. (Marialis Cultus, n. 57)
At all times, the Blessed Virgin's role as our Mother invites us to turn with filial confidence to her who is ever ready to listen with a mother’s heart and active assistance. For many of us, however, we are more spontaneously drawn to her in May in order to look at her holy life and meditate on who she is. It is a time to pray to her and desire to be like her. 
Let us, then, strive to live in union with her, to do everything in and with her. Let us invoke her often, many times a day, with acts of love and thanksgiving, with requests for help and support in our daily struggles. Mary will embrace us within her Immaculate Heart and enrich us with her merits so that our every action may truly give the greatest glory to our heavenly Father and bring the greatest good to others. Our daily life will thus be filled with love. A shower of grace will come to us, our families, and society. Through our humble lives, people around us will be able to know that there is a Mother’s Heart that accompanies and loves us. 

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