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Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe

August 14, 2020

Giovanna Venturi's message for the Feast of St. Maximilian

Dear Missionaries and Volunteers,

We celebrate the commemoration of the martyrdom of Saint Maximilian Kolbe at a particular time in history. The virus is continuing its silent run and, to varying degrees in the various countries where we are present, changing our lives. 

In this general climate of uncertainty and concern for the future, I thought it would be nice to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the cell where Father Kolbe lived the last moments of his life, a life he gave every day to God and his brothers and sisters. Many of us had the opportunity to go there in person, others not yet. This year we all go there together, taking to that small space - where heaven meets earth - our needs and those of the whole world.

We lay on that bare floor all those who have lost their lives in this pandemic, the many generous people who have cared for and continue to care for those in need, all those who have lost loved ones, work, and/or are in difficulty, the many poor who have become more poor, all of us, and the experience of these months. We offer everything with trust to the Lord through the intercession of Saint Maximilian. And just as in those distant days in the starvation bunker he sang songs with the other prisoners, so today he gives us words of trust and hope: Nothing is lost of all that has been done and lived out of love and with love, because only love bears fruit, builds up, and changes the world.

Let us leave the "Cell of Love" with a renewed sense of peace. Let us be led, trust Him, we are not leading the world and history. Surrender ourselves to Him. How many times did Father Kolbe remind himself of this, since his youth, and today he reminds us too:

"Let God alone guide you. Let yourself be led in peace, in patience, in love. Let Divine Providence lead you. Don't worry about anything. Never lose hope. Let yourself be led by Divine Mercy, by the Immaculata. Let yourself be led with trust, with faith, with love." 

On August 14th the Missionaries and Volunteers who are in Poland will go to Auschwitz and stop in prayer at the cell, but with them we will all be there to pray, intercede, and offer the whole world to God through the Immaculata and Saint Maximilian.


Giovanna Venturi
General Directress




The Cell of Love is Always Open